Dancing in underwear.
Wtf. Mason Ashford died on Frostbite!! Effin sad.. :’(

Ya’know, he’s so sweet, hot, kind, brave and caring.. But he just died.. HE DIED!! I hate it. WAA. He died by saving Rose.. Haaay.. That was really love.. Okay, I’m so affected on that scene.. When I’m reading it, I can’t stop my tears to fall.. Hmmm. Soo sad to think that on the next series, I’m not going to find that guy any more.. Foreveer…. T_T The fact that Rose don’t want to leave Mason, laying on the floor was so absorbing.. I don’t really like Dimitri but when he held Rose on the scene, I felt something awkward.. He-is-so-effin-caring feeling.. HAAAAY.. But there’s Christian and Adrian.. Hmmm. Shadow-kiss without Mase.. So baaad..

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